How to produce healthy products

Consumers have become more fastidious - they know what to pay attention to and will walk away if they do not see a high-quality, healthy product on the shelf. What helps us retain customers?


  • Several categories of grocery products - oils, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, spices.
  • Over 30 assorted items.
  • A wide choice of consumer packaging- plastic packaging (PP, PET, PE); Doypack, glass bottles, and glass jars with twist-off cap.
  • Various package sizes - from a one-time use package of 180 g, to an industrial-size 11 kg.

Product Power

  • Fortunate technology symbiosis – from classic, soft methods of oil purification, to the most cutting-edge methods of mayonnaise making, to sauces created with the best existing equipment.
  • Availability of sufficient production capacities to ensure uninterrupted supplies at any time of the year.


  • Multi-step system of quality control.
  • Only high-quality ingredients and raw materials, cultivated on fertile Kuban soil.
  • Proper modern microbiologic, physical-chemical and express laboratories, system of organoleptic control.